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Kilrush Street: November 2020 Site Update

We are thrilled to see the progress of Kilrush Street Family Residence in Brighton. The project consists of a two-storey dwelling including below ground level basement parking and living spaces. Each level is constructed of suspended concrete slabs with a timber frame roof to the upper level. Kilrush Street Residence features everything you would expect in a luxury family residence, including lift, gymnasium, rumpus, basement parking, swimming pool and living spacing promoting family unity.

G&P Consulting Engineers were engaged for all aspects of both the structural and civil design of this project, including the design of all on-site retention, suspended slabs, bracing, framing, and structural detailing of the project.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, even the construction industry. We have captured here the build in progress to share the journey with you.

This project is now in lock up stage.

Residential Townhouse Project at Handover!


We are pleased to announce the completion of our Residential Townhouse project.

Station Street is a townhouse development located on the edge of the West Gippsland region, 45 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD. The development consists of 132 lot townhouses, built over 2 levels. Each townhouse features a lounge area opening onto natural ground level, with its own private courtyard and garage.

G&P Consulting Engineers have been engaged to complete the structural design for this project. We have also successfully coordinated with the civil design.

Strong asymmetrical roofs, angled walls to the upper levels, high ceilings, full height glazing, and facades form part of the intricate architecture of this project. There is a high level of framing involved in the design and construction of this project to suit the architectural intent. We have successfully detailed and documented all the framing necessary to support the roof, angled walls, ceilings, glazing and facades of the built form.

G&P Consulting Engineers have worked closely with Oreana Property Group and Pivot Project Group on this project, to deliver considerable, affordable housing that focus on convenience, practicality and comfort.

We are proud to present to you, Station Street, another project designed with engineering excellence

We’ve Relocated!

We’re excited to announce that our team has moved to a new office location in Kew to accommodate our growth. Our new office address is Suite 704, 1 Princess Street, Kew, VIC 3101. Our phone number is 03 9853 1218.

Our previous office location served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

Our team has been growing over the past few years and we needed a larger space to accommodate our growth.

The new space offers more square footage, and more importantly, it allowed us to rethink our layout. An open-plan work-space enables us to work closer together. We have new and improved facilities, including a light-filled meeting room – so meetings are never dull, better parking facilities for our staff, comfortable furnishing and plenty of warm lighting.

It’s been an exciting few months for G&P at this new location, and we look at the move as the start of another chapter.

Our clients’ support is one of the many reasons we have grown over the years. We thank everyone who supported us throughout the years and with the move.


Roxburgh Park – Town Houses and Child Care

As we head out to our Roxburgh Park site to see the progress of the 29 residential townhouses and Childcare facility with a footprint of 900m2, we are thrilled to see its progress! We have captured some stand out elements to be able to share the journey with you.

This project demonstrates our ability to coordinate all services on site for both residential and commercial projects.  We have fire services to the childcare, water, sewerage, drainage, pavement design to the car park, water meter locations all coordinated with the structural design.  We are also demonstrating our approach to the childcare facility with a domestic approach to reduce costs where possible.

Come on the journey with us.

Belleview site update – Sunbury

The completion of all the civil works for the Belleview Village brings to site the works of the townhouse buildings.  We are excited to see the completion of the civil works and the beginning of all the structural works for the townhouses, retail and childcare buildings planned for this site.

Designing the civil works and earthworks for this development, we are then able to coordinate with accuracy the structural footings for all the buildings on site. This is done with accurate cut & fill diagrams to ensure foundations are not over-engineered but designed with efficiency.

In addition to this, all underground civil works are accurately located and coordinated with all the structural footings to ensure a fast and accurate onsite construction of all the structural buildings intended for this site.

G&P are pleased to present the structural phase of this project, and the successful completion of the civil works.


Atherton Terrace – Site Update – Glen Iris

We are pleased to see the architectural vision of these luxurious townhouses come to life with the completion of the external claddings and glazing.  The full height glazing to the rear of the three-story townhouses has been achieved through the clever design of the steel framing, integrating the staircase into the glazing.

The feature of the angled walls and rooflines can only be achieved by detailed design and coordination with the architect to ensure the intricate aesthetics of the buildings.

We have worked closely with the architect to ensure an outstanding finish.

Hotham Street – January Site Update

With the completion of installing all the intricate structural steel for this well positioned townhouse in East Melbourne. The installation of the wall and roof cladding brings out all the architectural elements of this Vienna style city residence.

It is clear to see the benefits of the sawtooth roof design and high ceilings that flow over the upper and lower roof levels to create a streamline roof.  Natural light over all levels has been captured with this detailed roof design.

We have been working closely with the steel fabricators to ensure a fast onsite delivery of this project.

We are pleased to present Hotham Street Townhouse.

Hotham Terrace – East Melbourne – Structural Design

A Successful Structural Design Project

The East Melbourne General store & café has been re-designed to accommodate a Vienna style European residence over the existing shop.

Celebrity architect Peter Maddison of Grand Designs Australia has designed Hotham Terrace, and whoa what a design it is!

G&P engineers have been consulted to provide the structural design for the addition of the 2-storey residence over the existing general store & cafe.

After assessing the condition of the existing first floor slab for the additional loads of the new building, we have provided detailing of all steel beams necessary to strengthen the existing slab to support the new additional loads.


The 4 bedroom 2-storey residence features complex steel framing to cater a saw-tooth highlight window design to all 4 bedrooms.

Hotham Terrace also features a pop-out viewing platform overlooking Melbourne City. This viewing platform is featured from both the living areas and the master bedroom suite.

G&P have provided all the detailed design and documentation of this complex steel structure for fast on-site construction making this more cost effective for our client Lasette.

The master suite is situated on a floating mezzanine level.  This floor level is designed to be fully detached from the external walls of the building, and is supported off a central column strategically located for maximum architectural effect.

Once completed this mezzanine will give the illusion of an un-supported floor level, with the focal column hidden within the kitchen cabinetry.

Natural light has been maximised throughout the architectural design of the project, with this design intent embraced by G&P.

G&P presents the East Melbourne General Store, with the Vienna style residence addition.

Atherton Terrace

Atherton Terrace is an architecturally designed townhouse development located within Melbourne’s inner suburb of Glen Iris. This development consists of 11 townhouses, built over 3 levels with a below ground level basement.

The subject site is sloping towards the back of the site by approximately 3m, which has allowed for a partial basement design, whereby the rear 5 townhouses can enjoy a lockup garage and master bedroom opening onto natural ground level, with their own private court yard.

G&P Consulting Engineers have been consulted to provide both the structural design and drainage design for this project.

The basement has been constructed of a piled basement, to provide protection to the neighbouring properties during the excavation process. G&P has designed each pile to the basement walls with efficiency and accuracy, to ensure our client is provided with the most cost-effective design, while providing full coordination with the neighbouring development, and the positioning of their ground anchors to their basement wall.

Consulting is a key part of the service G&P provide, as such, we routinely coordinate with all stakeholders involved. This is part of our on-going service to our clients.

The Atherton Terrace building was modelled in 3D analysis software to ensure accurate modelling of the suspended concrete transfer slab, over the basement level parking. In providing accurate calculations G&P were able to locate slab zones accurately to reduce concrete thicknesses, bringing savings to our client.

Many angled walls to the upper levels, full height glazing, and facades form part of the intricate architecture of this project. G&P Consulting Engineers are a team of solution thinkers. We have detailed and documented all the framing necessary to support the angled walls, glazing and facades of the built form.

Our projects are designed to be built. Leaving ease for the steel fabricators and onsite framing installation through detailed design and coordination with the architecture of the building. By accurately designing the roof and basement drainage system, G&P were able to justify a gravity fed drainage system, contrary to many basement drainage systems.

We are proud to present to you, Atherton Terrace, another project designed well.

Knowledge is Power


Knowing our software inside out allows our civil engineers to turn ideas into successfully implemented outcomes.

Nothing is left to chance as we digitally design and test our design features for practicality, ease of use and problem solving. Case in point, Knowledge is power.