Belleview site update – Sunbury


Belleview site update – Sunbury

The completion of all the civil works for the Belleview Village brings to site the works of the townhouse buildings.  We are excited to see the completion of the civil works and the beginning of all the structural works for the townhouses, retail and childcare buildings planned for this site.

Designing the civil works and earthworks for this development, we are then able to coordinate with accuracy the structural footings for all the buildings on site. This is done with accurate cut & fill diagrams to ensure foundations are not over-engineered but designed with efficiency.

In addition to this, all underground civil works are accurately located and coordinated with all the structural footings to ensure a fast and accurate onsite construction of all the structural buildings intended for this site.

G&P are pleased to present the structural phase of this project, and the successful completion of the civil works.