Hotham Terrace – East Melbourne – Structural Design


Hotham Terrace – East Melbourne – Structural Design

A Successful Structural Design Project

The East Melbourne General store & café has been re-designed to accommodate a Vienna style European residence over the existing shop.

Celebrity architect Peter Maddison of Grand Designs Australia has designed Hotham Terrace, and whoa what a design it is!

G&P engineers have been consulted to provide the structural design for the addition of the 2-storey residence over the existing general store & cafe.

After assessing the condition of the existing first floor slab for the additional loads of the new building, we have provided detailing of all steel beams necessary to strengthen the existing slab to support the new additional loads.


The 4 bedroom 2-storey residence features complex steel framing to cater a saw-tooth highlight window design to all 4 bedrooms.

Hotham Terrace also features a pop-out viewing platform overlooking Melbourne City. This viewing platform is featured from both the living areas and the master bedroom suite.

G&P have provided all the detailed design and documentation of this complex steel structure for fast on-site construction making this more cost effective for our client Lasette.

The master suite is situated on a floating mezzanine level.  This floor level is designed to be fully detached from the external walls of the building, and is supported off a central column strategically located for maximum architectural effect.

Once completed this mezzanine will give the illusion of an un-supported floor level, with the focal column hidden within the kitchen cabinetry.

Natural light has been maximised throughout the architectural design of the project, with this design intent embraced by G&P.

G&P presents the East Melbourne General Store, with the Vienna style residence addition.