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Core Drilling

Full steam ahead with the undergoing of our concrete retaining wall being cored out to precision for the steel posts to be installed on the remainder of the site.

With a mixture of soil and rock deep under the surface across the site, multiple core drilling fittings were used to complete the task successfully.  Once the core drilling is complete, each cored hole is covered up with timber sheets to ensure safety is paramount.



Pipes, cables, pipes and more cables

There are so many different aspects to civil engineering that those unfamiliar with the industry would be surprised just how far spread our services go.

This is most definitely one of the aspects of the job we absolutely love. Variety.

Whilst we can produce extremely detailed planning designs for sloping blocks, how much fill is required for the proposed construction and how the road design will interconnect with the surrounding structures for example.

Its often what lays beneath the soil that makes it all tick along post construction that is often an after thought for those not overly familiar with the process of civil engineering, or building at all.

Services such as Gas, Water, Sewerage, Electricity and NBN all may be required to be incorporated into your design effectively and we are here to take care of what can be a daunting task for some, application for all servicing all authorities.


Safety First

Safety First

Like with every construction site, safety is paramount. But to go another step further and incorporate successful permanent safety features in the structure of the build is always desirable.

Our current project just outside of Melbourne in Sunbury required a large amount of retaining walls across the residential / commercial site.

With the positioning of the childcare facility at the front of the site, there was a requirement for retaining walls situated behind the facility due to the positioning of the residential properties behind the facility. As there is a 6m fall on this premises, it led to the residential properties being elevated substantially higher than the childcare facility below.

Whilst meeting the standard retaining wall requirements, G&P incorporated a cast concrete vehicular retaining wall to be position behind the childcare facility to ensure no motor vehicles were able to impact the childcare facility from the above level.

Belleview Project Overview

The Belleview site is severely sloping 6m towards the proposed commercial and childcare facility from the residential townhouses.  This large land fall across the site restricts the use of water storage within the underground drainage pipes, posing a need to provide all water storage within the commercial carpark.

The planning permit issued by Hume council requires onsite stormwater storage to meet the permissible water discharge requirements. This site required a massive 117m3 of water storage. Conventional methods would require the use of huge underground water tanks to store this large volume of water. G&P are a team of solution thinkers, as such we have provided vigorous negotiations with Hume council for the use of an above ground water storage system, whereby over 33m3 of water storage can be achieved over the carpark pavement.   In a storm event this above ground water storage will discharge into the councils stormwater network in a controlled manner.

G&P’s solution thinking has provided significant cost savings to our client by reducing the large volumes of underground water storage otherwise needed.

This site also requires many retaining walls, all of which have been well coordinated with the underground services with the location of all footings and their depths.  We have detailed every footing location to ensure no construction clashes with underground works to provide a smooth construction process.

Included in this retaining wall design is the smart design of a vehicular safety impact wall, protecting the occupants of the childcare play area from possible traffic impacts from the higher road levels.

Detailed 3D earthworks modelling has been performed to eliminate the need for imported fill to the site.  Part of this process is to determine benchmark levels for the building pads that reduce the need for piered footings.

Coloured contour maps showing fill locations are coordinated with our structural engineers for efficient design, ensuring the minimum footing specifications are maintained throughout the site.

All roads, sewerage, water reticulation, stormwater design and modelling has been completed with coordination to all services of electrical, gas and NBN distribution.  In addition to this G&P have provided and negotiated all service supply offers with all authorities involved in this project. This is the service we routinely provide for all our civil subdivision projects.


Belleview planned for success

With a large 6m slope towards the front of the Belleview site, heading away from the planned 52 town houses, childcare facility and 8 retail / commercial shop fronts, we were able to carefully plan and position the sewerage layout to fully encompass a gravity sewerage system assisted by the natural fall of the land.

With well planned positioning of the sewer grade PVC pipes, we were able to reduce the pipe lengths connecting to the two main sewer maintenance holes. Through this planned placement, reducing the amount of material used overall lead to a reduction of cost whilst successfully maintaining services to all lots on the Belleview site.

The two main sewer maintenance holes on the Belleview site, accommodate adequate size for maintenance at a future time where as other structures are often smaller and only allow for inspection.

Belleview – The beginning of yet another project to be proud of

Belleview – The beginning of yet another project to be proud of.

As the appointed Civil Works and Structural Design Team on the Belleview project with Oreana Property Group, works are now underway.

This site is soon to feature 52 town houses, Childcare Centre & 8 Retail / Commercial Shopfronts. We are off to a flying start and eager to see its progressing along the way.

Across the term of the construction, G&P Engineers have and will be taking care of a wide number of contracted tasks including Earthworks, retaining walls with added safety aspects, sewerage, storm Water, water reticulation, applications for servicing all authorities (gas water, sewerage, electricity and NBN), road design and contract administration.

Prototype of New Foundation System under Construction

G&P Consulting Engineers have been working with suppliers and one of Melbourne’s leading domestic builders to develop a house prototype on a revolutionary foundation system that may set a new bench mark of cost savings to domestic builders.

Unlike traditional methods of raft footing beams or waffle slabs, which may even be seated on screw piles or bored piers if poor soil is encountered, this new method of construction consists of no ground trenching or footing beams. We have been working with a local supplier who can provide driven steel foundation bearing plates, which provide a suitable substrate to support a suspended flat slab over sand bed ‘formwork’.

The proposed method brings cost savings in materials, labour and time, with a house floor slab completed within 1-2 days inclusive of all preparation work if scheduled correctly. Foundation requirements for large depths of fill that are typically found at sites to new land estates are also addressed.

The prototype house is currently under construction, the success of which will determine future use of the proposal.

Engineers Australia welcomes the Federal Governments $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

Engineers Australia has applauded the federal governments provision of cheap infrastructure loans to fund projects in Australia’s north.

“The Northern Australia Audit Report identified infrastructure gaps in terms of unmet demand, missed opportunity, excessive pricing or poor service standards, but also highlighted areas of potential improvement.”

The White Paper on Developing Australia’s north will be crucial in identifying development and infrastructure for the success of Australia’s north.

Engineers are welcoming the Federal Governments vision for a strong sustainable future of Australia’s north, and provide sustainable solutions to meet the infrastructure gap of Northern Australia.